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Whether you are a single person, a married couple with a growing family or in your retirement years our job is to make sure that everything you own and enjoy is protected. Travaille Insurance will create a plan to protect everything in your life that is important to you. We have developed strong relationships with many major US carriers to give you the exact coverage your need. Personal insurance protects you and your family against financial losses caused by fire theft natural disasters death accidents lawsuits and illness. Our goal is to give you the best coverage at the most competitive price. The Travaille staff are a caring dedicated team who is ready to help you plan for any loss that keeps you from living your life the way you have always planned. Travaille Insurance is here to provide you with the best coverage for the people and things you love.

Home Owners Insurance Protect your home and belongings where your family lives.

High Valued Estate Insurance Protect your highest valued assets with the right coverage.

Personal Automobile Insurance Protect yourself and your family when on the road.

Motorcycle Insurance Protect all your vehicles including your motorcycles.

Personal Umbrella Insurance Protect yourself from devastating lawsuits that only umbrella insurance can cover.

Watercraft Insurance Protect your watercraft and those who use it be sure you are covered when cruising on the water.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance Protect your recreational vehicles luxury vehicles or all types of campers.

Fine Art Insurance Protect your art investments providing peace of mind for your high value art treasures.

Jewelry Insurance Protect your fine jewelry high value jewelry and estate pieces need special coverage.


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Commercial liability insurance protects your business assets if your company is taken to court for causing injury or property damage. With the right commercial liability insurance coverage, your company can recover from the financial hardship that follows a lawsuit and come back ready to do business.

For the most affordable liability insurance, you will be glad you selected Travaille Insurance. We listen to your needs to find you the cheapest general liability insurance in our markets. Our proactive approach to insurance involves fitting you with a plan that will work for your present and future needs. Call Travaille Insurance for a commercial liability insurance quote today.

What Commercial Liability Insurance Can Do For Your Business

If you do not have general liability and property damage insurance your business may be at risk. However you can find affordable general liability insurance that protects you and pays for damages you caused in a covered liability claim.

Travaille Insurance can find you a plan that protects you from liability claims:

Bodily injury
Property damage
Personal injury
Advertising injury (slander or false advertising)
Compensatory and general damages

General liability policies state a maximum amount the insurer will pay for that policy period. For instance say your policy covers $1 million. If your business is successfully sued for $1.5 million your plan will cover the agreed $1 million and you would be responsible for paying the remaining $500000. It all depends on how much coverage your plan provides. In this situation you could also purchase umbrella business insurance which picks up where your general liability coverage ends.

The amount of coverage your business requires depends on a couple of factors:

Perceived risk Consider the amount of risk associated with your business. If you build houses for a living your business runs a greater risk than if you manufacture cardboard boxes. Therefore you need more commercial liability insurance coverage.

Assets to be protected Time to review the company balance sheet. You want at least 5 times the amount of liability insurance coverage as your assets.

Protect Every Part of Your Business with Complete Coverage Your business needs a lot of protection. One policy may not be enough.

Your business owners policy insurance policy can include a cheap commercial liability insurance. But if you need additional coverage Travaille Insurance can help.

We can even help you find commercial auto insurance for your driving needs or Errors and Ommissions insurance for your professional liability needs.

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